Tanks, Go East !

This is a strategy game, in which you have limited ways to give orders to your units.
You must use a Chappe telegraph, using your mouse wheel or left/right clicks to change the orientation of the arms. You have a limited time to give each part of the order, and you must respect the syntax.
Unit -> Direction
If your order is composed of unknown signs, or if the syntax is wrong, you will lose precious time.
If 2 units crosses, they will fight. The bomber destroys the tank. If 2 units of the same type encounter, they're both destroyed.
When a unit is destroyed, it's moved back at its original position.
You have to move one of your units to the enemy base, and not let him reach yours.
It can be difficult to play at the beginning, but after a few tries, you will memorize how to give the orders, and then the game is quite easy.

Event Ludum Dare 36
Theme Ancient Technology
Date August 26th-29th, 2016
Development time 72 hours
Team size 1
Developed with Construct 2